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Partial scholarships for outstanding students: A number of scholarships starting from 50% reduction in tuition fees for Thanaweyya Amah and its equivalent certificates, as stated in the tuition fees

Full scholarships for top graduates of Thanaweyya Ammah

All Students of 2022-23cohort are granted a special fee reduction of 40-45% as shown in the Tuition Fees. In addition, the following scholarships are applicable to eligible students:


Scholarships for newly admitted students: including accommodation for students coming from outside Giza and Cairo; minimum score to be determined by the University Council after the Thanaweyah Ammah results are announced.

  • A sibling of a (getting) registered student in the university is granted a 10% extra reduction
  • Students who are distinguished in sports activities are granted an extra discount for the following year of achieving success as follows:
  • 20% for the first, second, and third positions in International or Olympic championship
  • 15% for the first, second, and third positions in regional (e.g. African, Arab) tournament
  • 10% for the first, second, and third positional in the National tournament
  • Students with special needs are granted an extra 20% discount; the discount will be maintained in consecutive years if the student achieves a CGPA of at least 70%
  • Students who are children of EUI or MCIT members are granted a 10% extra reduction.
  • Sawiris Excellence Grants for new outstanding students registering at EUI in any of the following paths:


  • Sawiris awarded excellence to outstanding high school graduates from public schools; for details kindly visit the link
  • Sawiris awarded excellence to outstanding school with special needs; for details kindly visit the link


Discounted scholarships for continuing students, to be determined and announced by the University Council on an annual basis


Important Notes:

  • These scholarships are canceled or modified for students whose academic performance falls below the level they were at when the scholarship rules were applied.
  • For students who have special conditions, their eligibility of these scholarships will be canceled if the causes and repercussions of the circumstances they are going through are gone, according to what the University Council sees