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Financial Aid Rules & Regulations


Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) extends a financial aid program to students facing significant financial challenges, contingent upon a thorough evaluation of their financial circumstances by the dedicated committee.

Regulations & Policies:

  1. Financial aid is allocated to genuinely needy individuals encountering financial hardships.
  2. All applicants MUST submit Financial Aid Applications before 20 August 2024. Late submissions will be considered for the subsequent academic year.
  3. Decisions are made based on various factors including available budget, number of applications, applicants' financial status, completeness of application, and supporting documents.
  4. Notification of the financial aid committee's decision is communicated via email.
  5. Financial aid is valid throughout the student's academic tenure, provided the students maintains satisfactory performance (yearly cumulative GPA not below 2.00), has registered a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, all application information and supporting documents are accurate, no proven student misconduct, and the financial status did not change throughout the student’s academic tenure.
  6. Parents must promptly notify any significant changes in family circumstances, income, or assets.
  7. EUI reserves the right to verify information provided through document inspection or investigation.
  8. Financial aid may be adjusted or revoked in case of changes in financial or academic status, or student misconduct.
  9. Concealment of information or providing false information will result in application rejection and potential expulsion.
  10. The Financial Aid is not applicable on the Summer semester.
  11. EUI reserves the right to reject applications without explanation.
  12. Applications must be complete and accompanied by all required documents. Incomplete applications or those lacking parental signatures will not be considered. No additional documents will be accepted after 20 August 2024.


Required Documents:

  1. Official statement of parents'/guardians' pension (if retired).
  2. Handwritten declaration of total family savings and annual interest (no bank statements required).
  3. Up-to-date statement from social insurance office confirming unemployment status (if applicable).
  4. Proof of work from the employer or both parents stating the current salary and position (if applicable)
  5. Proof of unpaid leave for parent(s)/guardian(s).
  6. Divorce certificate.
  7. Death certificate.


To apply, kindly fill in the financial aid form. Once you fill it , please submit it to the Admission Office after being signed by the applicant and the guardian as well.