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Is this initiative free?
Yes, this initiative is free and funded by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


Who is entitled to apply?
In its current phase, the initiative targets graduates from all universities in the Republic in 2019-2023 from the Faculty of Engineering with a specialization in Communications, Electronics, Computer Engineering, or Mechatronics, or the Faculty of Computing and Information Sciences or the Faculty of Sciences with a specialization in Computer Science.


When will the training course start?

It will start on 4 August 2023


Does the study require attendance at the university's headquarters?
Yes, the training will be at the headquarters of Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) in the Knowledge City at the New Administrative Capital.


Will transportation be provided to the campus?
Yes, free transportation will be provided from all regions of Cairo and Giza.


Is it required to attend the training period full-time?
Yes, full-time attendance is a must, where the training period will last three months (five days a week, 7 hours a day).


Will monthly compensation be paid to trainees?
Yes, a monthly compensation of EGP 2000 will be paid to attendees.


Should I have a laptop to join the initiative?
You are not required to have laptops to join the initiative, where computers will be provided to those who wish to do so. Still, if available, it is preferable to attend with your laptop to make the most of the initiative.


When is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is 13 July 2023


Will a personal interview be conducted before joining the initiative?
Yes, in-person tests and interviews will be done with all registered attendees in the initiative to select the best items, as the numbers are limited.


How will I be notified of the interview date?
Groups will be created on WhatsApp for all attendees, and they will be informed of all details.


If there is an error in the registration, how can I correct it?
You can send an email explaining your desire to correct the error on the initiative's email ([email protected])


How to apologize for the initiative?

An apology request must be sent at least 48 hours before the start date of the training with the Full name, National ID number, and the name of the training program on the email. ([email protected])


Can I apologize without paying the fine if I have a job opportunity during the training program?

If you get a job opportunity in the program's specialization during the program, you can submit a copy of the job offer sent to you. In this case, the fine will not be paid as this initiative aims to qualify graduates for employment opportunities.


Will I receive a certificate after the program ends?

If you pass the training program successfully, you will receive an accredited training certificate from Egypt University of Informatics.


Can other nationalities apply to the initiative?

Native Egyptians only are eligible to apply.