About EME

Egypt Makes Electronics Initiative

The Presidential initiative “Egypt Makes Electronics” is offered as a full-fledged scholarship for selected fresh Egyptian university graduates all-over Egypt within five calendar years of their graduation. It helps in bridging the gap between the talent skills and the regional and international market need. Tracks are designed in cooperation with our industry partners to meet job profiles and ICT market needs.  All technical instructors are selected with high qualification from the specialized electronics industry. Candidates will join after a fine screening process done in cooperation with our industry partners. Each track has a duration of three months (5 days/week – 7hours/day) including technical project-based program, soft skills, in addition to a graduation project. 
After passing the track the candidates will receive a training certificate from the university and will go immediately into the interview and selection process for hiring with our industry partners.
Our close cooperation with our industry partners helps securing high employment rate.


Strategic Objective

This initiative aims to bridge the gap between academic study and labor market requirements in close collaboration with industry partners.