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Dual-degree with Ottawa University and Telfer School of Management

Egypt University of Informatics has successfully established a dual degree agreement with Ottawa University and Telfer School of Management (https://telfer.uottawa.ca/en/), ranked #10 in Canada for business education. This agreement aims to give students a bachelor’s degree in business management, allowing them to spend their initial academic years at EUI and their final year at Telfer University.

This partnership offers students a unique opportunity to understand business management comprehensively from two highly respected institutions. By combining the expertise of both faculties, students will receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the global business world.

The Faculty of Business Informatics is proud to offer this dual degree program, which will enhance our students' academic and professional prospects. We look forward to welcoming ambitious and talented individuals eager to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.


This agreement aims to enable eligible students from EUI to obtain two certificates. The first certificate will be issued by EUI, which the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities accredits. The second certificate will be awarded by Telfer School of Management – Ottawa University (https://telfer.uottawa.ca/en/), acknowledging the attainment of a Bachelor of Business Informatics from EUI and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Ottawa University.

This agreement provides a pathway for students to receive dual certification, enhancing their career prospects and academic credentials. By obtaining a degree from Telfer, students will access a world-class education and a globally recognized qualification. Additionally, the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities accreditation ensures that the EUI certificate is recognized and respected locally and internationally.

Overall, this agreement provides a unique opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and gain a competitive edge in the job market. It is a testament to the commitment of both institutions to provide high-quality education and support the professional development of their students.

-Undergraduate Program Requirements

EUI students desiring a Telfer School of Management program degree (https://telfer.uottawa.ca/en/) will:

  • Complete two years of a four-year at EUI taking EUI courses evaluated for eventual use in the Telfer School of Management program.
  • Application to the 2+2 Collaborative Program will allow students of the faculty of Business informatics who follow the designated 2+2 stream and complete all courses therein to apply for admission (credits transfer) to the Telfer BCom program to complete Online/Hybrid courses, as well as in-person courses at the University of Ottawa.
  • Up to 10 online/hybrid courses can be taken within the 02nd and/or 03rd year of studies at EUI, followed by taking the remaining courses in person at the University of Ottawa for at least one year of study in person.

-Academic Criteria

The general eligibility requirements for Faculty of Business Informatics students to be finally accepted to participate in the 2 + 2 collaborative program at the University of Ottawa are as follows and are subject to change and/or exceptions:

Full-time undergraduate students registered in the Business Informatics program (at the time of application):

  • Achieved the equivalent of a minimum cumulative average of 75 % at Ottawa at the time of application
  • Conditional acceptance will contain a provision requiring that the students maintain the equivalent of a minimum cumulative average of 75% otherwise to be specified at uOttawa until they arrive in Ottawa according to the University of Ottawa grading system and that they pass all required courses, pending the receipt of their final transcript.
  • No disciplinary measures, academic fraud, or other disruptive conduct allegations or findings.
  • Proof of language proficiency in English as per Ottawa University rules