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EUI's 360° Revolutionary Support Framework for Empowering Student Success
In the vibrant landscape of Egypt's higher education, Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) stands as a beacon of excellence, diversity, and inclusivity. With a diverse student body representing various socio-economic backgrounds and abilities, EUI recognizes the paramount importance of providing comprehensive personalized support to ensure that every student thrives.

Support Framework:

EUI's support package is multifaceted, addressing diverse student needs comprehensively:

Scholarships and Financial Support: EUI's commitment to accessibility is evident through a range of financial support options, ensuring no student is barred from quality education due to financial constraints. Fee reductions (up to 100% scholarships) are based on academic merit as well as economic need. It is worth mentioning that 10% of EUI’s student body are amongst the Egyptian national high school certificates top students. The full scholarships offered to top students include tuition fees, transportation, and in some cases, accommodation. Moreover, up to 50% of the students scored above 85 - 90% in different national and international high school diplomas and are offered up to 65% discount on tuition fees based on academic scores. On the economic side, Financial support is available for students facing financial hardship.

Geographical Diversity: Due to providing student housing, EUI was able to welcome students with accessibility to adequate resources from across Egyptian governorates. EUI fosters an inclusive environment, enriching the educational experience through diverse perspectives.

Accessibility for Students with Special Needs: Our campus infrastructure and support services cater to students with learning differences, ensuring equal opportunities for all. For instance, exam time extensions and extra support are provided. Moreover, the campus is equipped with various accessibility means for students with physical disabilities to ensure a smooth on-campus experience. EUI also has a protocol of cooperation with the National Academy of Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID).

Support for Athletes: EUI recognizes the dedication of student athletes, providing tailored support to balance academic and athletic commitments seamlessly. The goal is to help the athletic thrive their academic performance while maintaining their athletic excellence. This includes recording lectures, offering one-on-one academic assistance, and facilitating on-campus training for professional athletes. It is worth noting that 7 of our athletes represent Egypt on the international and Olympic level in 4 sports, including the Tokyo Olympic silver medalist in Modern Pentathlon: Ahmed Elgendy.

Student Wellbeing and Community Service: Beyond academics, EUI prioritizes student psychological wellbeing, offering counseling services and fostering a culture of community engagement and service. EUI nurtures student well-being providing support and offering one-on-one counseling services for students in need. Moreover, seminars and workshops are frequently conducted on campus and given by professional specialists on various topics such as Mental Wellbeing, Time Management, Stress Management, Nutrition Planning, and Building Safe and Healthy Relationships. Moreover, community services initiatives such as blood donation drives, clothing  and food donations are encouraged as part of community belonging.

Career Readiness: EUI's holistic approach extends to career preparedness, equipping students with essential skills and fostering entrepreneurial spirit for future success. Career coaching, hosting various guest speakers, soft skills development, comprehensive internships program, and entrepreneurship guidance are integral parts of this support.

The impact of EUI's support initiatives is indeed tangible. EUI has witnessed enhanced academic performance among scholarship recipients. For instance, EUIans who were enrolled in blended courses with one of our partner universities scored a decent number of highest grades achieved globally amongst all international students who took the exam. On the other hand, Student satisfaction surveys consistently reflect appreciation for the diverse support mechanisms offered, indicating the effectiveness and relevance of our initiatives. Finally, EUI's emphasis on community service has resulted in meaningful contributions to society, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy among students. EUI's holistic approach to student support ensures not only academic success but also personal growth and readiness for the professional world.

In conclusion, EUI's commitment to student support is unwavering, driven by a vision of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence. As we strive to empower every student to realize their full potential, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of fostering a transformative educational experience that transcends boundaries and empowers future leaders.